Toll fees on oil tankers eyed

November 30, 2006

Visayan Daily Star,
Nov. 30, 2006

AS an offshoot of the Guimaras oil spill, the Regional Development Council in Central Visayas wants the Maritime Industry Authority to consider the imposition of toll fees on oil tankers passing through its inner seas.

During its full council meeting in Dumaguete City, Tuesday, the RDC said in a resolution that the proposal to impose the fees should be among the preventive measures to prevent another oil spill.

The amount generated from toll fess could be used for clean-up activities in the event of another oil spill and for marine disaster mitigation, it added.

The resolution noted that Marina may be the appropriate agency to evaluate the proposal since it is included among its functions aimed at preventing marine pollution in navigable waters of the Philippines.

The proposal was taken up by the Development Administration Committee of the RDC during the committee meting earlier where the need to institute measures to prevent the occurrence of another Guimaras Oil Spill was realized.

The RDC also said this may require the support of the local government units as the Local Government Code states that the Sanggunian may prescribe the terms and conditions and fix the rates for the imposition of toll fess or charges for the use of any public road, pier or wharf, waterway, bridge, ferry or telecommunications system funded and constructed by the LGU concerned.

The committee, however, decided to refer the matter first to the Marina.


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