Bunker fuel remains in 5 Guimaras villages

December 11, 2006

Maritime Command (Maricom) Chief Agustin Molina, left, and Vicente Zerrudo, task force coordinator in Guimaras show the bunker fuel they got from the island of Guiwanon. (Contributed photo, SunStar Iloilo)

By Ruby P. Silubrico
SunStar Iloilo
Dec. 11, 2006

FIVE villages in Nueva Valencia, Guimaras still have bunker fuel submerged in their area.

In a letter sent by Task Coordinator Vicente Zerrudo to Guimaras Governor JC Rahman Nava dated Dec. 6, 2006, it was stated that five villages still have bunker fuel that needed to be cleaned up.

This report is contrary to that of Peron Corp., which stated that they were able to clean the oil spill-affected areas.

The villages that have bunker oil residue are Lapaz, San Roque, Lucmayan, Tando and Cabalagnan.

Zerrudo’s report showed that in Barangay Lapaz, there are four sitios affected. One of these is Sitio Tigkalayo that has one-foot thick fuel and situated 500 meters from the shoreline.

In Sitio Sumirib, oil fumes linger along the shoreline. In Sitio Lusaran, 200 sacks of oil debris were unhauled and abandoned by Petron.

In Sitio Alman, bunker oil residue was covered with sand.

In Barangay San Roque, the uncleaned sitios are Masay, Punta Lomboy, Pinamangcao, and Taguikan wherein the residue remains under the sand and where mangroves were left unaided.

Bunker fuel is vastly visible during low tide in the island of Bantique.

In Barangay Tando, around 70 percent needed cleaning, according to Councilor Jeffrey Canfeora.

The owner of the Rumagangrang Beach located in Sitio Bancan, Barangay Cabalagnan, is worried because the bunker oil at the left portion of his area has affected the business.

Zerrudo also confirmed that the villages of San Lorenzo, are not totally cleaned, according to the validation of the task force. They are Sebario, Igcauayan, Lebas, M. Chavez, Cabano and Suclaran.

Meanwhile, the islands of Nalibas, Nagarao, Naoway, Guiwanon and Panobolon were initially cleaned, but some portions still show bunker oil.

Resume cleanup

Zerrudo recommended that Petron resume its clean-up operation and also concentrate on areas where mangroves were totally affected.

Relief aid and other assistance should be continually given to the residents of the affected areas.


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