1,158 killed, 891 missing in ’06 disasters – NDCC

December 29, 2006

AT least 1,158 people died, 3,235 were injured, 11.193 million displaced and 891 still unaccounted for in the series of natural disasters that hit the Philippines in 2006.

In its yearend report, the National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC) said Thursday that the disasters included the Southern Leyte landslide and the series of typhoons that hit Bicol.

The NDCC said the disasters affected 2.38 million families or 11.193 million persons, and displaced some 678,000 families or 3.398 million persons.

Disasters in 2006 also damaged 820,126 houses and cost P19.989 billion in damage to agriculture and infrastructure.

Much of the damage to life and property was due to typhoons that lashed the country in the last quarter of the year.

In September, typhoon “Milenyo” crashed into seven regions, 17 provinces and more than 2,000 barangays (villages), destroying 42,000 houses and displacing some 36,000 families.

At least 76 were confirmed dead, 81 injured and 69 missing in Metro Manila, Northern and Southern Luzon, Bicol and parts of the Visayas.

Barely had Bicol and Southern Luzon recovered from “Milenyo” when “Reming” pounded several provinces in the region, killing more than 570 and injuring 82, and causing P1.266 billion in damage to property.

This was aside from more than 500 residents near Mayon Volcano who were killed after rains from “Reming” loosened debris on the volcano and sent it downward, burying entire villages in the process.

After several weeks of searching, local authorities added more than 500 missing persons to the list of fatalities when they gave up search-and-rescue operations.

“Seniang” was the last destructive storm to pass through Philippine territory, killing more than 20 persons.

In the Southern Leyte landslide, 3,850 families or 18,862 persons were displaced, 154 killed, 30 injured and 968 still deemed missing to this day. Damage to property was estimated at P114.8 million.

In Bicol, Mayon and Bulusan volcanoes erupted and displaced nearly 10,000 families or 46,000 people.

Mayon’s eruptions displaced 9,557 families or 44,779 persons while Bulusan displaced 414 families or 2,027 persons.

In the Visayas, the August 11 sinking of the tanker “Solar I” caused an oil spill that affected seven towns and 58 villages in Guimaras and Iloilo provinces in Western Visayas.

Some 7,870 families or 39,004 persons were affected and at least 71 families were forced to flee their homes.

Despite compensation and rehabilitation efforts, at least 38 villages are still threatened, including 16 in Iloilo, 21 in Negros Occidental and one in Cebu. GMANews.TV, Dec. 28, 2006


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