UPV students on a mission

January 28, 2007

From Andie F. Febrada (eco_ex07@yahoo.com.ph)

Hello and good day. upon reading your blog, i got a lot of information about the present situation of guimaras and its affected people. I am a senior Marketing student from UPV and being Iskolars ng Bayan, we also want to help the affected areas . we have organized this Eco-Expedition 2007 that aims to help oil spill affected people through making a marketing plan of the the alternative livelihood that has been implemented. The presentation and initial implementation of such plan will be presented during our culminating activities on March 2-3, 2007. in line with this, as a students we lack fund that would help us realize our objective. We would like to ask your support or advice to look for funding source for us to push through this plan. thank you very much and hope we could work hand in hand to achieve our goal: To help guimaras and its people and to recover and gain what have been lost from them.


Dear Andie:

Thank you for coming up with your project. I decided to post your email as a blog entry in the hope that there are still good kind souls out there who will be willing to help fund your project.

I would advice you, however, to whip out your pen and paper (or computer and printer) and start writing! Write to your congressmen, to your senators, to your governors, the different companies with foundations (ABS-CBN Foundation, Ayala Foundation, Philippine Business for Social Progress, Foundation for Economic Freedom, and yes, why not Petron Foundation?, etc.) who may be able to help you. Also try Tony Meloto at the Gawad Kalinga which I believe is supporting livelihood projects, and marketing of these products made by the oil spill victims is just what they need.

Just don’t leave it there. After sending your emails or letters, follow these up with phone calls. Don’t give up even if these people give you a runaround and I’m pretty sure you will experience it. As long as you have a good project proposal, proper manners, and the vision to achieve your goal, I am sure someone or some entity will find it worthy enough to finance.

Try to appeal to your local newspapers also to give you some coverage so you can spread the word out to the people in your area who may be willing to lend you a hand.

Good luck and please keep me posted on any developments with regard to your project.

Mabuhay kayo!

Kind regards,

The site manager


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