‘Syokoy’ is not about a sea creature

February 24, 2007

By Ma. Diosa Labiste
Inquirer, Feb. 24, 2007

MANILA, Philippines – “Syokoy,” a film documentary on the Petron oil spill in Guimaras produced by young filmmakers in Iloilo, gathers what journalists leave out, like stories on the disaster’s effects that are not given much space in the newspapers.

It’s not about whose craft is better, but the power of the film lies in its lingering effect.

It captured stories and the symbols of the daily acts of people who are trying to recover and find healing for their coastal communities that were devastated by the oil spill.

The film has captured more than sound bites, slices of life and atmosphere.

Syokoy won third place in the recently concluded 19th Gawad CCP para sa Pelikula at Video. It was also named the best regional entry. It was directed by Ray Defante Gibraltar and written by John Iremil Teodoro. Oscar Nava was in charge of the cinematography.

The film, which runs for more than an hour, is about the destruction and how people cope with the effects of the oil spill that took place on Aug. 11 last year when oil tanker MT Solar I, which was chartered by Petron and carried more than 2 million liters of bunker oil, sank off Guimaras province, releasing some 250,000 liters of bunker oil into the sea.

The tanker still lies at the bottom of the sea with thousands of liters of oil still inside it.

Experts can’t agree on the cost of the actual and long-term damage of the oil spill on the province’s rich marine life, fishing ground, tourist sites, health and way of life.

(More at Inquirer.net.)



  1. good morning. i am marayma espinosa. i am doing a course paper for my environmental ethics in ateneo de manila university. my topic is also the guimaras oil spill. i am very much interested to have a copy of this documentary. how can I get one? thank you very much

  2. Hi Marayma,

    I suggest you directly contact the CCP which gave the award. I’m sure the number is in the phone directory. For the readers who may know how to contact Syokoy’s director, kindly forward the contact nos. to us so we can pass ’em on to Marayma.

    Thanks for visiting the blog.

  3. Hi Marayma

    this is ray, the director of syokoy…we will be glad to send you a copy of the documentary…
    you can you can email me at raygibraltar@gmail.com


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