MT Solar One’s tank 4 empty

March 27, 2007

PIA Press Release

by T. Villavert

Iloilo City (23 March) – MT Solar One’s tank number 4 has been found empty of oil when Allied Shield completed the penetration on the right side of the vessel last March 19, however tank number 3 at the left side of the vessel, yielded oil.

OCD VI Director Rosario T. Cabrera said in a report that the Allied Shield completed penetration into tank no. 3 port side (left side of the vessel) through hull safety valves and commenced transfer of oil into shuttle tank.

The OCD Director’s report did not elaborate on how much quantity of oil has been recovered as of press time.

Today, the recovered oil will be transferred to ISO tanks on Allied Shield, and once the tanks on the ship are full, the recovered oil will be transferred to a tanker. The entire process will be repeated until all the oil is recovered.

The oil recovery operation in Guimaras Strait uses the latest technology. Sonsub, an Italian firm hired to conduct the underwater operations, uses the 80-meter dynamic positioning vessel Allied Vessel with 51 personnel, and two Remotely Operated Vehicles.

The Global Positioning Satellite also plays a vital role to allow Allied Shield to continuously check its position relative to the sunken vessel.

Contingency measures are in place to deal with any sort of oil leakage during the recovery operations, Presidential Adviser for Western Visayas , Secretary Rafael Coscolluela said. (PIA)


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