Oil spill claimants in 8 Iloilo towns to get checks after Holy Week

April 9, 2007

By Florence F. Hibionada
The News Today,
April 4, 2007

A total of 838 claimants from Iloilo City recently received individual remuneration from the damage brought by the Guimaras oil spill here.

Claimants from eight other towns in the province, on the other hand, will get theirs after the Holy Week.

The claims as processed and approved by the International Oil Petroleum Compensation fund will be distributed in claimants from Ajuy, Concepcion, Miag-ao, Barotac Nuevo, Barotac Viejo, Dumangas, Banate and Oton.

Most number of claimants came from Ajuy with 3,511 approved from the 4,034 who filed.

Compensation was between P630 to P27,468 computed on the number of days lost or affected when the oil slick reached Iloilo shores.

Ajuy and Concepcion coastal barangays recorded the most number of days affected at 28 while all other Iloilo towns and the city noted 14 days each.

Total claims filed with the IOPC reached 12,245.


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