Guimarasnons remember oil spill first anniversary

August 10, 2007

By Nestor P. Burgos Jr.
The News Today, Aug. 10, 2007

Guimarasnons commemorating the first anniversary of the massive oil spill that ravaged their island and forever changed their lives will treat guests to sea food in a day long program today, Friday, at the provincial capitol at the capital town of Jordan.

Charry Galia, provincial economic and development officer, said the seafood feast is part of their efforts to show that sea food from Guimaras is already safe to eat.

“We continue to enjoy the bounties of our seas despite the tragedy that struck us last year,” said Galia.

A Mass will be celebrated by Fr. Noel Lozada, parish priest of the San Miguel de Archangel parish, before the start of the program which is expected to be attended by representatives of local government units.

Guests will be updated with a situationer of the island and the current rehabilitation and rebuilding efforts done by various agencies and organizations.

Photographs of the oil spill, response and cleanup efforts and other events will also be exhibited at the provincial museum, said Galia.

On August 11, the day of the anniversary, members of the Regional Disaster Coordinating Council and representatives of the member agencies will attend Mass to be celebrated on board the Coast Guard ship BRP Edsa 2 at the site where the tanker sank around 13 nautical miles southwest of Guimaras. The Mass will be followed by a wreath laying.

The M/T Solar I sank 13 miles southwest of Guimaras on August 11 last year. The tanker was transporting 2.1 million liters of bunker fuel from the Petron depot in Bataan to Zamboanga when it encountered rough seas.


The fish may be safe to eat, question is, are there any fish to be caught?



  1. As a local girl, been brought up by the seaside close to the area affected of this disaster a year ago my heart goes out to all of which relies for their livelihood from the sea. It has to known most of them are a relative too. Yet, the disaster itself are not to be blame by the missing fish or all crustations disappearance. The carelessness and greed is the most distructive power a few are doing then and now.

    One- using dynamites (explosives) to any point or area either land or sea will only result to killing all living matter. How can an affected area recover quickly if theres is nothing left, not even a small root? Without the corals and seweeds no means of food for the fish and no place for them to breed.

    The OIL SPILL is a great excuse for them to moan but nature has his own ways to heal if ourselves helps. The OIL SPILL also brought out the true kind we all are. And I do honestly believe that most local are now hoping for another disaster to happened purely for all the freebies available. Working hard and striving to find a living don’t have any meaning at all to many and all concerned outsiders have to understand and rethink of how to help better them, not making them lazy and rely on hand outs instead is not an ideal choice.

    Two- boat owners have to stop using anchor, they need to find other ways to moor their boats without distructing the corals and rock formed by nature.

    If we are to protect the area as the caring local it will yeild nothing but greatness and much more to our needs. But when selfishness and greed overcomes the nature’s power and self defence the victims are the new and future generations. The force of our distruction is far more stronger than what our creator can do.

    I begged all concerns to realise, those who can afford to get out the islands can do so at any time but others will suffer more in all sorts of ways if right now we don’t change our attitude. To all local most affected, please ask yourselves of how to help change and better the area. It is our duty to make the world a better place not the world to make us better. The only reason we are breathing, we owe it to GOD to strive and not GOD to strive for us.

    I wish you all GOOD LUCK and MAY GOD BE WITH US ALWAYS. . . .

  2. Nice and usefull post, thanks, this is one for my bookmarks!

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