Sickness hounds Guimaras residents

August 17, 2007

By Hazel P. Villa and David Israel Sinay
Inquirer, Aug. 13, 2007

NUEVA VALENCIA, Guimaras—A year after the country’s worst oil spill, cases of asthma, diarrhea, high blood pressure and other ailments continue to hound residents of Nueva Valencia’s coastal villages.

Some are new, undocumented cases, such as those of six young children and six oil spill cleanup workers who said their asthma attacks and difficulty with breathing started two to three months ago.

The villagers, a health worker, and a village chief also lamented the lack of health monitoring and government attention as they relied on meager medicines and self-medication.

Romeo Basco, 25, who had been hired by Petron to do cleanup work on Aug. 19 to Oct. 21 last year at P300 a day, told the Inquirer on Aug. 6 that he had two asthma attacks, the latest of which was on the first week of this month.

Before the oil spill, Basco said he would get asthma attacks only if he gets allergic reactions to salty food and the anti-acid medication Maalox.

“I can’t breathe well. I just drink water and use the nebulizer the barangay health office gave me,” said Basco whose house faces the beach of Sitio Sumirib, Barangay Lapaz here.

Click Sick in Guimaras for the rest of the story.)


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