Arroyo abolishes Task Force SOS

August 25, 2007

Visayan Daily Star, Aug. 23, 2007

THE appointment of Rafael Coscolluela, Presidential Adviser for Western Visayas, as Sugar Regulatory Administrator effective September 1 will prevent his continued involvement in Guimaras oil spill-related activities, he said yesterday.

Coscolluela takes over from James Ledesma, who has long been wanting to give up his post as SRA chief.

In line with the need to streamline procedures related to the Guimaras rehab program, the President has issued Administrative Order 191 that abolishes Task Force Solar I Oil Spill and authorizes the National Disaster Coordinating Council, with the Office of Civil Defense 6 as secretariat, to review and approve proposals and to oversee the utilization of calamity funds for Guimaras’ rehabilitation, Coscolluela said.

Gov. Joseph Marañon said he hopes Coscolluela, as SRA head, will be able to maintain sugar prices at present levels. Sugar is currently selling above P1,000 per 50 kilobag.*CPG


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