First RP-made, double-hulled oil tanker sails

June 16, 2008

June 16, 2008

The first Philippine-made, double-hulled oil tanker, designed to prevent costly and environmentally-destructive oil spills such as the disaster that hit Guimaras in 2006, is now sailing.

“The ship is currently transporting bunker fuels in different parts of the country. From the Pacific Ocean to the Petron refinery in Bataan. It started last April 8. So far, the performance of M/T Matikas is far more than we expected.” George Cottrell, president of the Herma Shipyard Inc., said Monday.

Hermio Esguerra, chairman of the Herma Group of Companies, told reporters double-hulled ships such as M/T Matikas would help lower the incidence of oil spills.

Esguerra said that the ship that sank in Guimaras was a single-hulled oil tanker. With a double-hull, petroleum products are protected on all sides, he added.

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  1. Are you a resident of Guimaras? I find your blog very interesting, but would like a bit of personal scope on the disaster. The blog has, however, brought to my attention the names of some companies that I’ll be on the lookout for in the future.

  2. No, I am not a resident of Guimaras. The oil spill happened in 2006 so you can just click on the archives of that year and in early 2007. There were a lot of personal accounts of the disaster as repored by the various newspapers.

    Thanks for dropping by.

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