Social scientists: Women bore much of the brunt of oil spill

December 17, 2008

By Nestor P. Burgos Jr.
The News Today
Dec. 16, 2008

Women bore much of the brunt of the oil spill that ravaged Guimaras Island as some disaster response and rehabilitation programs failed to consider their specific needs, a research of social scientists showed.

In their paper “Gender Perspectives in Disaster Responses and Interventions to MT Solar I Oil Spill,” University of the Philippines in the Visayas (UPV)-based social scientists said that while there were efforts towards gender equality, some of the programs were inappropriate in addressing specific needs especially of women during the disaster.

“Most of these projects have not fully integrated gender equality and women’s empowerment concerns in the different stages of project management, implementation and monitoring…” according to the research conducted by Rosario Asong, Ebonia Seraspe, Diana Aure and Rosario Panganiban. (Click here for the rest.)



  1. Hi. I am currently doing a project about oil spill. Do you have the exact records of the GUIMARAS OIL SPILL casualties? And what are the primary causes of death and sickness due to that OIL SPILL?

  2. Bikbik, pls. feel free to read through the posts and use the search feature of this blog to answer your questions.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Hi. I’m back. I read in the past entries that there was a complaint filed against Petron. I wonder, what happened to that complaint?

    And I also read that there are some irregularities in releasing the oil spill funds. Were there some instances that these funds were not released at all due to corruption? I hope to know more about oil spill. Would you mind if I ask your email address?

    Thank you.

  4. Bikbik, I suggest you contact the reporters directly to answer your questions. This blog only compiles the news reports that have been filed about these subjects.

    Thank you.

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