This blog was put up on Aug. 25, 2006 to inform the public about the worst oil spill in the history of the Philippines. It also aims to wake up our leaders in government, and the executives in Petron Corp. and Sunshine Maritime Development Corp. to go the extra mile in helping Guimaras clean up the oil spill. Through this blog, I also hope to channel much needed funds and assistance to the poor, displaced residents of this once-beautiful island.



  1. 1. oil-soaked debris should not be moved long distances over water, as accidents do happen. it should have been burned on the nearest island using locally-fabricated ordinary gasification or plasma burner. moving oil-soaked debris should at least have a back-up failsafe system to avoid accidents and sinking.

    2. for a high school student to say that 59,000 sacks of oil debris doesn’t immediately pose hazard to marine life and environment is stupid.

    3. damage to marine life, to fisherfolks, and to health care and deprived income of affected residents must be quantified by independent environmental experts and be paid by petron directly to affected parties.

    4. the oil soaked debris is technically retrievable, assuming that the depth is only about 200 feet.

  2. Hello and good day. upon reading your blog, i got a lot of information about the present situation of guimaras and its affected people. I am a senior Marketing student from UPV and being Iskolars ng Bayan, we also want to help the affected areas . we have organized this Eco-Expedition 2007 that aims to help oil spill affected people through making a marketing plan of the the alternative livelihood that has been implemented. The presentation and initial implementation of such plan will be presented during our culminating activities on March 2-3, 2007. in line with this, as a students we lack fund that would help us realize our objective. We would like to ask your support or advice to look for funding source for us to push through this plan. thank you very much and hope we could work hand in hand to achieve our goal: To help guimaras and its peoplen to recover and gain what have been lost from them.

  3. Hello!

    I would like to ask if you know of any tourist spots in Guimaras that have managed to survive the oil spill? I work for GMA-7 public affairs and am currently doing research for an upcoming summer travel episode. We are thinking of visiting Guimaras and checking out how the local tourism industry is coping with the situation, what they are doing to survive. If there are any still-beautiful spots in the island that you think people should know about, any information would be great. Thanks,

    Pia Faustino

  4. Hi Pia,

    There is a tourist link on the blogroll (click ‘Visit Guimaras’) that will take you to a web site regarding the tourist attractions of Guimaras. You can probably make your inquiries from that site. Also, you may want to get in touch with Guimaras Gov. Nava’s office and the Department of Tourism’s information office under Usec. Edu Jarque.

    Good luck and we’ll look forward to your feature.

  5. hi,

    we are now in the planing process with poeple’sorganization in Tando Nueva Valencia and Culasi, Ajuy Iloilo in the setting up of mangrove nursery sites. This is in partnership with DENR and local government. We you have any suggestions or comments on how we should go about the nursery and erhab process, please email it to eric.delatorre@miant.com. damu gid nga salamat.

  6. Hi Eric,

    Thanks for informing our readers on your plans. Perhaps you can get in touch with some of the scientists over at UP Visayas. They may have good recommendations on what you need to do in setting up mangrove sites.

    Good luck and please keep us updated on developments in your project.


  7. An other case on trial : the Erika oil spill :
    see informations at


  8. Could you update us on the situation of the affected areas and the communities? What’s the latest with Petron?

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