Fish, seashells are safe to eat-BFAR Cebu

August 28, 2006

By Jasmin R. Uy
The Freeman

THE Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources has assured the public that the fish and seashells in Cebu are still safe to eat despite the threat of contamination in the Visayan Sea brought about by the oil spill in Guimaras.

BFAR Information Officer Lourdes Arciaga said that seashells and fish sold in the market are still safe to eat. She said that these came from Samar, Bohol and Leyte.

Arciaga pointed out that only Pulupundan Bay in Negros Occidental is the contaminated area in the region.

She said that it will also be easily noticed if these seashells are contaminated will the oil spill because it will be coated with dirt brought about by the oil.

She also said that fish and these seashells will die if they are in an area that has been contaminated.

Arciaga said that they are constantly monitoring the seafood products entering in the market.

It has been reported that folk from Bantayan Island are bracing for the possible arrival of an oil slick sighted in the Visayan Sea between Bantayan Island, Masbate and Biliran waters through a satellite photograph taken last Thursday.

Antonio Oposa, team leader of the Visayan Sea Squadron, said the slick is about 18 kilometers off Madridejos’ shores. The quantity and quality of the slick could not be determined yet and he surmised it might be just thin films of oil.

(Originally published in the Philippine Star, Aug. 28, 2006. Click here for the rest of the story.)


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